Plastic rigid flat net machine

I Purpose
Fit for producing rigid flat net , treat HDPE, LDPE and PP as raw materials,new macromolecule materials, such as anti-static agent and anti-aging agent are added, net products that have various forms and specs can be extruded with definite tensile intensity, aging-resistant, corrosion-resistant performance. Plastic flat net with various specs can be produced for construction, gardening project, agricultural breeding, lining of soft mattress, packing net, water and soil preservation if relevant mould and molding barrel are collocated.
II Process Flow
Raw materials+ other assistants→mix→feed materials→melt and extrude→mould→cool and size→cut→draw→extend→tract→coil→finish
III Main Technical Parameter

1. Basic Parameters

Raw materials: PP, PE

Width: 2000mm


Overall dimension:11×3.2×3.8(m)

Gross installed capacitance:46kw


2. Main Collocation and parameter

(1)Plastic extruder:SPW-65/28

Main motor power:15kw

Max extrusion:40kg/h

(2) Die. head:

Rotational die head

Drive power:4kw

(3)Cooling  tank:

Steel plate

(4)Drawing machine:

Roller type drawing

Drive power:2.2kw



Drive power:10N

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