Non Shuttle Weaving Machine
Main Parameter 1

I. Width of fabric: max.1600mm
II. Thickness of fabric: 30-400mesh(square holes gauge) - 2800 mesh (special gauge)
III. Crank shaft rotating speed: 72 rpm  
IV. Power of motor: 4 KW Rotating speed of motor: 1420 rpm
V. Total weight: 3200 kgs            
VI. Total measurement: 2930 x 3150 x 1270mm

Main Parameter 2

Scope of weaving: max.1600mm
Scope of mesh:
Square holes gauge: mesh 10-100/inch
Special mesh: mesh 40-350/inch
Crank shaft rotating speed: 53 r/m
Power of motor: 4 KW
Total weight: 6155 kgs
Total measurement: 2569 x 3535 x 1849mm


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