reverse twist hexagonal mesh machine


Main technical parameter:
Wire diameter: 0.3-1.0mm
Mesh size: 3/8"-2"
Spare parts: spiral making machine, spooling machine
Mesh usage:
1. Use in building industry, to fix up the wall, keep warm, and heat insulation
2. Used in housing residences, garden fence
3. Used as chicken cages or fence 


pros and cons twist machine

The serise of the machine is adopt the reverse twist theory to weave the hexagonal mesh. The mesh is widely uesd in the farmland, rangeland rail, boxes for animal, and aslo uesd in the building.
The machine adopt reverse twist theory, it need not to make the wire to spring condition, so the production is increase.
The characteristic:

It can produce 65 meshs per minutes, and we can change the speed of the machine according to the material sothat to low the break of the machine.

The mesh is smooth and beautiful,and the machine can be operation easily

The lubricate of the machine is reliable

The ability of the machine is stable, and can be mending,adjust expediently

Wire diameter: 0.5--2.0mm

The power:2.2KW   Output: 80m2/hour

The outside size(L*W*H): 2.5m*1.9m*1.7m

The weight: 3T

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